Cuernavaca, Mexico

My journey begins here, the land of beautiful beaches, pyramids, tacos and mariachi.

My mom came from Sweden, met my dad and the rest is history...

I grew up here and chose Design and Architecture as an orientation in high school. From here I applied to University in Sweden.


Norrköping, Sweden

3 years of University life were spent here. Studying Graphic Design & Communication at Linköping University and identifying a particular interest in web and interaction design, which I harvested during my studies by applying for volunteer jobs in the student union (Lintek) and other student volunteer posts around campus (more about them in my CV).

Good times!


Stockholm, Sweden

I was lucky enough to land my first job right out of University as the head designer at Occident , where I’ve even improved my front-end, web design, and programming skills as well as project management and client contant.

Our clients are in the healthcare and pharmaceutical business which has been very interesting for me, contact me if you wish to see some of the work I've done in this area.


Uppsala, Sweden

I won't lie. Finding a good living arrangement in Stockholm is hard.

That is why I live and commute from Uppsala. Also, the fact that it is a student city is nice and nostalgic.


München, Deutschland

It is time for a new adventure and learning a new language is definitely interesting.

I've been to Munich a few times and really liked the culture and atmosphere.

I'm currently learning German at a language school in the city